Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ladybug Party Ideas

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted... I guess it's been a busy start to the year. I will try to start posting more regularly again soon!! Meanwhile, enjoy some Ladybug Party ideas that I have been imagining up for a while...


For one invitation, you'll need:

  • One 4" circle of red paper
  • One 4" circle of black paper
  • One 2" circle of black paper
  • One 3.5" circle of white paper (with party information printed/handwritten)
  • Several 1" circles of black paper
  • Two small black brads
  • Adhesive
  • Envelope for 4x6 note card


  1. Center white circle on 4" black circle and attach with adhesive.
  2. Attach 1" black circles to red circle with adhesive.
  3. Cut red circle in half.
  4. Lining up the two halves of your red circle on top of the 4" black circle, pierce brads through both circles.
  5. Attach the 2" black circle to the back of the 4" black circle with adhesive.

These invitations are super-easy to make and fit perfectly in a 4x6 envelope. I used my basic Cricut to cut out all my circles - I am convinced that although it is a big investment, the Cricut will actually help save money down the road that would otherwise have been spent on expensive punches. Especially because the kind I have comes with the "George Basic Shapes" cartridge. So go buy a Cricut. :)


To save money (always a bonus) focus most of your decorations on one area (dessert table, etc.) instead of trying to lavishly decorate the entire party space.

My inspiration for a ladybug party started when I saw these adorable cupcake holders on sale at Wal-mart for $0.25 (yes, $0.25!!) each. (I just bought them Sunday - they might still have some left!) So, I bought two of them... and hopefully I'll have a use for them someday. For now, I'm just enjoying the fact that I got two cupcake holders for $0.50. :)

A simple red and black polka dot garland like this one would be simple to make and be a sweet touch to the front of a dessert table.

Image from Etsy.com

These ladybugs are cute and easy to make-

What you’ll need to make one:

  • One red 2" circle
  • One black 2" circle
  • One black 1" circle
  • Several tiny black circles made with a regular hole punch
  • Adhesive


  1. Attach tiny black circles to red circle with adhesive.
  2. Cut small, triangular slit in the red circle.
  3. Attach the 2” black circle to the back of the red circle with adhesive.
  4. Attach the 1” black circle to the back of the 2” black circle.

These could be used to make a unique garland, as cupcake picks, or as embellishments on favor bags.

Lots of cute ladybug party decorations can be found on Amazon, including these sweet ladybug plates and red and black polka dot balloons.

The ladybug parties at Glorious Treats and Hissy Fits Photography also share some fun decorating ideas!


Image from Amazon.com

  • Read Eric Carl's story, The Grouchy Ladybug.
  • Bug jars! This Bug Jar Craft Kit from Oriental Trading (currently on clearance, $9.99 for 12 jars) comes with light plastic jars (with holes in the lids) and craft supplies to decorate the jars. (Customers on the site recommend that if the craft is being done with young children, the foam piece on the lid should be pre-attached so bugs can breathe!) After completing the craft, take your guests outside and let them explore for bugs - if the party is inside, or in an area where bugs are difficult to find, purchase plastic bugs and go on a bug scavenger hunt!
  • Make these sweet ladybug puppets from the ladybug party on Glorious Treats.
  • Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home (this idea is from Amazing Moms) - This is a variation of Musical Chairs. Before the party, cut leaves out of green construction paper. Place them all over the room where the game will be played (the number of leaves should be the number of players minus one). Instruct the players that when the music begins, the must dance (or fly) around the room. When the music stops, all the little ladybugs must find a leaf to land on. Whoever does not land on a leaf is either out of the game, or wins a small prize, depending on the age-range of the children playing.


These bamboo butterfly nets can be purchased at Dollar Tree in an assortment of colors (including red, perfect for the classic ladybug theme!). They would make sweet, inexpensive favors - tying a piece of black and red polka dot ribbon with a "Thank You" tag around the handle would make them fit the theme even better!