Monday, September 6, 2010

Three Little Pigs Birthday Party

This sweet little piggy 4x6 art print was created by corid at

So, here's a theme that's a bit unique. I was thinking about how sweet and charming fairy tales are...and what an adorable birthday party for a baby girl this might make. I just have to share my ideas with you!


Create these fun invites using the template from this site.


  • Decorate using three of these jumbo foil pig balloons from Amazon.
  • Paint three large recycled cardboard boxes to look like the three little pigs' houses- one of straw, one of sticks, and one of bricks. If you'd like, cut doors and windows in the houses so that your guests can play in them.
  • Using a stamp, make wolf tracks across your tablecloth.
  • Pink balloons, streamers, etc.
  • Make pig party hats as instructed on this website.


  • Make mini houses from straw, sticks, stones, and any other natural elements you can find in your yard. You can also use buttons, toothpicks, etc. Let your guests be creative!
You can find instructions for this easy-to-make pig puppet at
  • Make pig and wolf paper bag puppets and let your guests act out the story.
  • Read The Three Little Pigs aloud.
  • Play "Pig, Pig, Wolf" like "Duck, Duck, Goose"
  • Play "Wolves and Pigs," similar to "Sharks and Minnows"


Pigs love mud- so why not feed it to your guests?! Treat them to these yummy-looking Mini Italian Mud Pies, courtesy of Rachael Ray. (To make them more kid-friendly, use chocolate ice cream instead of coffee, and omit the espresso bean garnish.)

Serve your guests "straw," "sticks," and "bricks," using cheese straws or Golden Oreo straws for straw, pretzels sticks or Pixie Sticks for sticks, and wafer cookies for bricks.

Make these festive piggy cake pops as instructed on Bakerella.

Decorate a sheet cake with three decorated Rice Crispie Treat "houses," made to look like a house of sticks, a house of straw, and a house of bricks. Or...

Make this easy pig cake from Family Fun.


  • Purchase inexpensive pink headbands and attach pink felt ears with hot glue for pig ear headbands.
  • The sweet, vintage Three Little Pigs Goldenbook can be purchased inexpensively at Walmart- send each guest home with a copy!
  • Make these cute pig cupcakes from Taste of Home, place in a cellophane bag, and tie with pink ribbon.

I also found some sweet little Etsy goodies for your viewing enjoyment...


Anonymous said...

Too cute love it <3

Anonymous said...

great ideas! thank you!

Anonymous said...

We're doing a 3 Little Pigs Bday for my 3yr old. She loves playing the big bad wolf. My invite will say something like, "Lila will Huff, She'll Puff and Blow 3 Candles Out!" At the party I'm going to do a puppet show and have the kids make piggy puppets. I'm making the piggy cupcakes. I love your idea of serving straw and bricks. I need an idea for punch...any clues?

Madeline said...

How sweet! I love your invitation idea! You could put a simple punch(Hawaiian punch, lemon lime soda, and sherbet) in a glass bowl and place the bowl inside a cauldron-type pot to be like the soup pot that the wolf falls into when he jumps down the chimney(you can find an inexpensive plastic one at some party stores).
You could also serve chocolate milk/milkshakes instead for "mud." Hope those ideas help! Have a great party!