Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Compassion Letter Writing Ideas

Since I was just a few years old, my family has been sponsoring children through the excellent ministry of Compassion. The Compassion program is really amazing because individuals and families have the opportunity to bless a child through financial gifts, but also through correspondance with the child. Sometimes, though, it's hard to think of what to write, and, since you cannot send packages, how you can send your child flat, lightweight gifts. I've put some time into thinking about things to send to our sponsored children, and I'd like to share with you some of the ideas I've come up with. Please consider sharing the love of Jesus with a child through Compassion, and check out their website for some amazing stories about the work that they are doing around the world.

  • Send them a picture of your family
  • Make them a bookmark with an inspirational quote or Bible verse
  • Instead of writing your letter on plain notebook paper, make or purchase a nice card to write yoru letter in.
  • Remembering their interests, create a coloring book for your child using free coloring sheets froms sites like kaboose.com or familyfun.go.com
  • Send them a postcard from where you live or a place where you have vacationed.
  • Share your favorite Bible verse on a card using creative lettering. For ideas on how to turn your handwriting into creative lettering, check out this article, or you can get font ideas from a book like Scribbles.
  • Make an easy friendship bracelet, and include embroidery string and instructions for your child to make their own.
  • Send baseball cards, or cards for other sports that your child is interested in.
  • Send stickers!
  • Send squares of cardstock and instructions for origami. Find easy origami patterns here.
  • For a girl, cut out a paper doll and clothing to dress her in. At familyfun.go.com, you can find free "Custom Paper Doll" printouts.
  • Send your child a few of the popular and inexpensive Silly Bandz.

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