Thursday, August 5, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop: JUNKPOSSE

I discovered the JUNKPOSSE shop a few years ago, and instantly loved the concept- an artist who creates beautiful handmade work, and is giving some of the profits of her craftsmanship to help adoptive families and ministries like Children's Hope Chest. Customers can choose which ministry/family they would like to support, and purchase a piece of jewelry that is specially designed for that cause. The selfless heart Tracy has put into her work makes it even more beautiful than it already is!

30% of the profits from this necklace go to helping Children's Hopechest with their work in Haiti.
This might very well be my favorite of her work- the "Owl Be With You" necklace.

The "Africa in My Heart" necklace
You can learn more about Tracy and her work at her blog-

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