Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vintage Car Party

This oblong planter tub from Etsy would be a fun accent to a sweets table!

Embellishology's vintage car tags on Etsy could be used for cupcakes, favor bags, and lots more.

Candy Warehouse has lots of fun car candies including these gummy race cars as well as candy-filled cars and milk chocolate racers.

I created this fun invite using a free downloadable font from Kevin and Amanda and cool vintage car graphic from The Graphics Fairy (also free!).

These fun vintage Road Sign Picks and Car Toppers can be found at the Layer Cake Shop, along with lots of other delectable odds and ends.

Below are some cool car party ideas from various sites on the internet- sometimes I'm just amazed at what people come up with!


  • Ask guests to bring a riding toy (bike, wagon, etc.) and have a "car wash."
  • Create pretend driver's licences, then take the child's picture with a polaroid camera and attach it to their personalized licence.
  • Set up a large board, slanted at an angle between the ground and a hard surface. If you'd like, you can paint it black and draw "road lines" to divide the lanes on this "street." Gather some hotwheels, add some little boys, and tada! you've got a great game for a bargain! This is so simple, but it really will keep them entertained for a while.
  • Play Red Light, Green Light.
  • Create a race car obstacle course with cones, puddles (pool if it's warm enough, blanket if it's too cold), hills, jumps, etc. (To add extra fun, create car costumes for the guests out of cardboard boxes.)
  • Purchase wooden car toys ($1.99 each at Hobby Lobby) and set out paint, stickers, etc. for the kids to add some personality to their cars.
  • Let the kids create vanity plates for their riding toys from foam sheets and foam stickers.


  • Arrange pumpernickle and white bread sandwiches on a platter to look like a black and white checkered flag.
  • Oreos can be used as "wheels"
  • Make "stoplights" by adding red, yellow, and green candies (such as gum drops) to rice crispies or wafer cookies
  • Make a figure eight race track cake by putting two round cakes side by side and frosting in green, then drawing the track with black frosting.


  • Hotwheels
  • Racecar gummy candies
  • Wooden Toy Cars for kids to decorate
  • Racecar stickers
  • Black and white checkered flags

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Carolyn Hansen said...

Whoa! I wish I had a little kid to do this party with!

Love it.